Sports: Mike Woodson & Best Memes

Okay, since the majority of my friends (all both of them) are diehard Knicks fans, I know it pleases them to keep talking about the Woodson firing. Even though for the record: I think he was setup to fail and believe that him and his expressionless face will find another head coaching gig in the NBA (and well deserved might I say). That doesn’t mean that we can’t make fun of it all while it’s still fresh (fuck it, I’m a Bulls fan and it looks like we’re going to get swept). Here’s some really funny memes about the firing of Mr. Potato Head Mike Woodson.

Video: Rapsody “Thank You Very Much”

Rapsody keeps the train moving by releasing the “Thank You Very Much” video. Enjoy.

Video: Pharrell “Marilyn Monroe”

Right on the cusp of “Happy” probably imploding and becoming the new saying for that lady at work on Mondays always promoting office “positivity”, Pharrell releases a new video at the right moment. Hope ya dig. Btw, I think we need an intervention with my man and this hat (sorta like this).

Trailer: ‘We Could Be King’

Tribeca Digital Studios and Dicks’ Sporting Goods come together for ‘We Could Be King’, a docu about two rivalry high-schools (MLK and Germantown High) come together after budget cuts. The trailer will inspire you (especially with Rick Ross being the coach of the squad…I kid). Pretty inspiring. This will be on ESPN2 on April 26th. Set your DVRs.

Listen: Nas talks to BBC Radio (Zane Lowe)

You know the last time Zane did an interview with BBC Radio, it was Kanye beginning his “I’m-going-crazy-as-shit” tour (that eventually ended with him being on The Breakfast Club and yelling at Sway). I digress. I’m sorry the site has been really Nas heavy lately, but dammit, ‘Illmatic’ is almost old enough to buy a drink, so let’s show love. Enjoy.

Download: The Boondocks S4 Mixtape (DJ Drama & DJ Cannon)

It took about five years (or maybe less) since the last season of ‘The Boondocks’ (which premieres tonight). So, to help out for the wait, Drama and company put out a mix for your worries. I’m downloading now. Enjoy.

Listen: Fish and Grits (“ATLiens”) Outkast Jah-Freedom Remix

The big homie Jah Freedom just put up a rmx. Not much to say other than peep it. Love this dude.

Download: Gang Starr on Tim Westwood’s Capital Rap Show (April 19, 1991) (AUDIO) (Courtesy of

(Courtesy of Random Rap Radio says: Just hours after their April ’91 gig at the Town & Country Club in North London, DJ Premier and Guru [along with support crew Caveman] rock up at the studios of Capital Radio to catch up on some promo for the forthcoming Step In The Arena LP. [It’s] a rare as hens in Huaraches interview with Gang Starr. Fundamentally it’s the crew and Tim shootin’ the gift on air. There are too many really interesting topics bein’ bandied about to mention ‘em, so just listen up at your leisure. Check out Westwood gettin’ hyped when Primo kicks the knowledge on 10″ car-trunk woofers! Both of them give Tim major propage for stayin’ in his indy lane too. That didn’t happen that often back then.

Listen: Nothing Leaves The House - FW x RSD 2014

Happy Record Store Day. Enjoy some new music sponsored by First World Records with Eric Lau, Tall Black Guy and more. Peep (thanks to the homie Jah Freedom for posting up). And video of them digging…..

Sports: 30 for 30: Detroit Pistons ‘Bad Boys’

I got my DVR ready to go for this one. 30 for 30 keeps things moving with a Detroit Pistons docu about the 80s squad (the same squad that used to beat the shit out of Jordan making him despise an Isiah Thomas keeping him off the first Dream Team..Hope they talk about that in the film too). Check the trailer below.